March for Life Photos You Probably Haven’t Seen – by Mary DeTurris Poust (OSV Daily Take)

25 Jan

Not easy climbing Capital Hill while holding a banner in the rain

If your local newspapers are anything like mine, you probably didn’t see more than two inches of copy devoted to the annual March for Life and the thousands of people who walked in the rain to stand up for the unborn.

The secular world doesn’t like to focus on that story. There were even some Catholics — visible bloggers — out there yesterday pontificating about why they don’t support the march, about the lack of “diversity,” and the self-important attitudes of the marchers, so I thought I’d share some awesome photos by Matt K Cassens of St. Blogustine that show the reality of it all, the stuff you won’t see in any secular newspaper.

People don’t go on the March for Life to feel good about themselves; they go because they have convictions, because they believe in the dignity of human life for even the most vulnerable, because they take their duty as Christians seriously. They walk in the rain and the cold. They ride for hours and hours on cramped buses. They get nasty things shouted at them and written about them — even by fellow Catholics.

But those of us who did not get to the March appreciate their efforts and applaud them for their willingness to put themselves out there. Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse if you weren’t there in person, but be sure to go to Matt’s blog and view the rest.

Cold and wet...but determined!

Photos by Matt K Cassens at St. Bogustine Blog



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