Volunteer Team Training for Youth Ministry by Terry Clark (Saints John & Paul Church)

01 Feb

Do you struggle with finding good formation resources for your adolescent catechesis/youth ministry volunteers?  Are there resources available that can supplement the resources we have available from OSV, Life Teen, and Youth Ministry Access?  Terry Clark, the youth and young adult minister at Saints John & Paul parish in Altoona, shares a variety of solid resources that you can use in adolescent catechesis and youth ministry sessions as well as in team training.  These sites are not exclusively Catholic so please make sure that you are using the very best of what they have to offer within a Catholic faith environment.  Thank you Terry for providing these wonderful youth resources.

Youth Specialties

The first is a blog from Youth Specialties.  If you don’t visit their site you should: very good resources.  This is about training your team.

Youth Specialties Training Article Sample

The absolute best thing out there right now is The Youth Cartels- Youtube you can use.   It is a video and bible study: very good stuff.  I send it to parents as conversations starters.  I use it for youth nights, Facebook, or wherever I can find time.   Good stuff.  Below is an example.  Sign up, it is worth the time.

The Youth Cartel – YouTube You Can Use Sample

I am sure everyone knows this next one, but maybe not.  Everyone knows Life Teen, but they have a site just for youth ministers and those working with adolescent catechesis.  There are lots of good blogs and other stuff available.

Life Teen’s Catholic Youth Ministry Resource Page

Here is a site that has fundraising, game ideas and more.   You have to do some digging, but they are all submitted by folks that have used them in the field.   Use the navigation on left as the top menu isn’t good.

Egad Ideas Home Page

Finally, a sight run by Jonathon McKee with lots of good stuff in it.

The Source for Youth Ministry Home Page

“I Hope you all enjoy the good resources in those sites,” Terry Clark.



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